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INTI International University

INTI International University

INTI collaborates with institutions of higher learning in various countries including the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. INTI also has a campus in Jakarta, Indonesia. INTI students at any of the 6 INTI campuses in Malaysia will also be able to tap the resources of the Laureate network spread across 25 countries.

Studying at INTI International University and INTI International Colleges today means benefiting directly from the strength of the Laureate International Universities network. Being a part of the largest and fastest growing global network of private universities – of which former US President Bill Clinton is the Honorary Chancellor – INTI offers world-class quality education at local prices.

Website: www.newinti.edu.my

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Download Vector Logo of INTI International University


  1. fluffy_cloud says:

    tumpang tanya. kenapa saya tak boleh register dekat forum? sudah banyak kali cuba tapi page registration tu cuma merefresh saja, tak ada confirmation. saya amat perlukan logo ini sangat-sangat. minta tolong.

    terima kasih

    • admin says:

      kemungkinan anda ‘ter’Klik pada area katun tu..
      sila pastikan katun tu JAUH dari button ‘Complete Registration’..
      harap membantu..

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