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PKPS Agro Industries Sdn Bhd

PKPS Agro Industries Sdn Bhd (PAISB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation (SADC). It is an established Malaysian company managed by a team of multi-disciplined professionals having collectively acquired varied facets of experience both in business and service industry.

The company has the relevant skills, experience and financial resources to responsibly undertake any challenging project. Our concerted efforts will surely thrust the company to new heights of achievement and fulfill the aspiration of Malaysia’s Vision 2020.

Established on 12th October 1991 with a paid-up capital of RM11.5 million, PAISB is wholly owned by Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation, a state government agency entrusted to the development of agricultural sector and the social economic growth in the state of Selangor. As a state agency, PAISB aims to effectively fulfill its duties to catalyze the development of food production, biotechnology and related sectors throughout the state whilst giving stronger emphasis on entrepreneur intensification. SADC Group’s business turnover exceeds RM500 million annually.

PAISB is rooted in its steeled determination and perseverance thus transformed the company into one of the most versatile and best-equipped manufacturing, trading and service providing company with a reputation for quality and strong customer.


  1. caepeq says:

    salam, beb minta tolong. ak nak download logp PKPS Agro tapi kena register member. masaalahnye ak dah cuba nak reg tapi tak boleh. subsribe, bookmark dah buat. minta tolong sgt kalau ada link lain. terima kasih banyak.

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    ok admin tq so much. dah boleh download :))

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