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Jelajah 1 Malaysia

Jelajah Malaysia is the oldest bicycle race in Malaysia and it is ranked 2.2 class by UCI (Union Cyclist Internationale). Since its inception in 1963, Jelajah Malaysia is slowly and steadily beginning to be one of the most prestigious bicycle race amongst Asian and International teams.

Through wide coverage that is empowered by local and international media, Jelajah Malaysia had proven itself as an important event in promoting Malaysia to the world as a tourism and leisure destination.

It is a platform for young Malaysian riders to compete and gain valuable experience in a cycling race. Currently many riders that is representing Malaysia now starts from their participation in the Jelajah Malaysia and the number of Malaysian riders that is accepted into international teams had increased. The exposure through Jelajah Malaysia makes the Malaysian rider a great bicycle rider for the future.

At all the START and FINISH, the organizer will create mini carnivals which will incorporate recreational and entertainment activities and also exhibition site for Government and Private sector to display their goods and services. It is envisaged that a local crowd between 10,000 to 15,000 people will participate in these festivities.

The Organiser also realizes that it is important to promote the event to the nation, these side events will be telecast nationally so that the whole nation will be able to see the local culture that is on display either live or delayed. The Organiser believe in giving value back for Sponsor’s contribution for the event. In terms of sponsor benefits, the Organiser will provide maximum exposure locally and internationally. With technical branding items, advertising materials, promotions and air time slot, all sponsors should be satisfied with the returns for their investment.

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