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Halal Industry Development Corp (HDC)

Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) is a developmental body that is unique in its own right. The Malaysian government established HDC in September 2006 because it realised the potential of the halal business. It also understood the country’s unique position and strengths would enable HDC to spearhead the overall development of the halal industry. HDC is the only government – mandated company in the world tasked with coordinating and developing the national halal industry.

As a brand, HDC is business friendly, driven to make things happen, steered by experts delivering world-class know-how and collaborative by working towards a win-win situation. HDC’s promise is to help businesses access new markets both locally and globally. For businesses, it means halal is the avenue for new markets with the help of HDC and its agencies. For consumers, it means that with the growth of the halal industry, they will have increased awareness and better choices on halal goods. And finally, for the government, with new markets reached through halal, it translates into economic growth.

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