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Wings – the rock band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (not the Paul McCartney Wings by the way) forms their team mate in middle of 80’s with Awie vocal, Black drummer, Eddie bassist, Sham lead guitar but later on was replaced by Joe (from Scandal). They starts their music together with few rock groups exist in the era of ‘rock kapak’ (the early rock genre mostly influenced by western rock after the death of hippies & retro style)..

Anyway, Wings is an another rock legend that always been compared to Search band and they among the success rock band since the beginning of their journey. Their first album ‘Belenggu Irama’ (1987) with many hits song – Intanku Kesepian, Biarkan Berlalu, Peronda Jaket Biru, Dari Tuhan and many more.. go search yourself.. Their second album ‘Hukum Karma’ (1988) is one of the best album with all great rock songs I can say before they release ‘Teori Domino’ (1990) (I still remember the day I took my SPM result with friends then going to town and bought this album) and many more albums they produce later..

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website www.sayap2wings.com

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