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MAYC – Persatuan Kelab-Kelab Belia Malaysia


  1. Muhammad Hudzaifah Shubli B Yasin says:

    After the event of Bersih 3.0, I predicted that a larger riot may happen in Malaysia. Party-based riot may occur and this causes military governance to occur. Therefore, in this proposal, I would like to suggest the basic structure of an ideal government after the military governance. Eventhough I personally believe that democracy is a Western system, but this solution to me is what’s best in the meantime.

    1. Vision 2050
    Worldly Affairs: Malaysia becomes the MOST DEVELOPT nation in the world
    Hereafter: NO social problem country
    Da’wah efforts to Non-Muslims and Muslims becomes a NATIONAL AGENDA

    2. Religious Structure
    Islam is the official religion of the state
    Tauhid module: Ahli sunnah wal jamaah
    Reference: Maulana Hamid (Sri Petaling Mosque)
    Dato’Syeikh Fuad Kamaluddin Al-Maliki (Yayasan Sofa)
    Official Fiqh: Syafie Mazhab

    3. Political Structure
    A new political party is established. Proposed name: Barisan Islam Malaysia

    Shurocracy: There shall exist an ‘Spiritual Leaders Council’ that can veto the decision of the parliament whenever it is against the Shariah
    Opportunity for other races who are Muslims other than Malays are opened to allow more ‘brainstorming’ inside the parliament to futher develop the nation.

    4. Economical Structure
    Quota System is introduced in every industry to safeguard the Malay and Muslim economy
    Tax payment will be divided between the Halal and Haram so that the Haram portion will not be consumed by Muslims
    The government plays a role to produce ideas and capital for businesses. They will select experienced businessmen to be the head of projects. After the industry had grown well, it will be sold to the private sector but is still supervised by the government. This is to build job opportunities to Malays and Muslims
    Opening an government-based MLM company will be a project in economy to promote enterpreneurship

    5. Social Structure
    An Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar team will be established
    Covering the aurah is compulsory in the country and non Muslims should observe it too (such as in IIUM,Gombak, Malaysia)
    Marriage will be made easier with lower mahar
    More Marriage office wil be set up and is open 24 hours to promote marriage especially at problematic locations
    ‘Congregation Eating’ Programme will be introduced inside every housing community to lessen the cost of living

    6. Law structure
    Dual system is introduced.
    Civil court for Non-Muslims and Syariah court for Muslims

    7. Information Technology
    To produce an Islamic Software System(to replace Windows) to enhance Islamic products.
    Producing ‘Guided Internet’ to potray information that are only agreed by the ijma’ of Ulama

    8. Malay Rights
    ‘Affirmative action’ system is introduced. Meaning: the rights of Malays will be reduced by time.

    9. Non Malay Rights
    Other religions can be practiced. However, they are not permitted to preach to Muslims except in inter-faith dialogues made by the government.

    10. Malay Language Position
    Malay is the Official Language of the State. However, learning Arabic, English, Chinese and Indian language(foreign language) is promoted in schools. Each academical writing should be published in Malay language to promote knowledge between the Malays. Also to lure the world to see Malay language as the ‘knowledge language’.

    11. Citizenship
    Opportunity to become a Malaysian citizen wil be made easier. Foreign people (Arabs, Europeans, African etc) with high tolerance level and accept the ‘Leadership of Malays’ shall be given citizenship. They should also pass a ‘Malaysian Heart’ test.

    12. Power of Rulers (King)
    The power of Kings shall be maintained. The King plays a role to safeguard Islam and Malay Rights.

    13. Rights of Homosexuals
    They shall be given a separate island so that they could continue their activity there. This is as Muslims we would not want the bad effects of their behaviour to affect others. However, missionary groups will be send there to preach them.

    For questions, suggestions and critics, please contact me:
    Facebook: Hudzaifah Shubli (please message me personally)
    Phone number: 014-3252891
    For further ideas and dakwah updates, please go to facebook group: Sahabatul Mukmin

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