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Lotus F1 Racing

The famous Lotus name returns to Formula One racing for the first time since 1994 with an all-new team backed by a Malaysian consortium including car makers Proton, owners of Group Lotus. Initially based in the UK, with plans to move to a purpose-built headquarters in Kuala Lumpur… source

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Virgin Racing vs Lotus F1 / Richard Branson vs Tony Fernandes / Virgin Atlantic vs AirAsia

I got this news in recently AirAsia onboard magazine, Travel 3sixty, with image shown Sir Richard Branson ‘wearing AirAsia stewardess costume’. They’re challenging each other for 2010 F1 season. (Maybe you already knew about this news) Well its gonna be exciting fight for these two new comer to both leader of their F1 racing teams. (yes Lotus is legendary name in F1 racing since 1960’S).

“I like Tony a lot and I really hope he doesn’t have to kill himself, but at the same time I’d obviously like to beat him. So maybe we should think of another challenge.

“He has an airline, we have an airline, and if we beat him he can come and work on one of our airlines as a Virgin stewardess. It will save him having to kill himself, but we’ll make sure the stewardess outfit is perfect,” joked Branson.

“Bring it on.” That was the response from Datuk Tony Fernandes to Sir Richard Branson’s challenge over the loser in the Formula 1 stakes having to dress up as an airline stewardess on the winner’s airline… source

Can you imagine that ; ) can’t wait to watch their machines fighting each other on circuit.

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