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Logo from Tawau, Sabah

Here are some vector logo from Sabah..
Updated 14 September 2009

Updated 4 October 2009

Some schools logo of Tawau, Sabah available from School of Logo..

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Thanks YusDesign for sharing these & keep on update.. ok 😉


  1. hato says:

    Semua link mati, rapidshare tak boleh pakai.
    Rapidshare dalam masa 90 hari tanpa sesiapa memuat turun secara automatik akan mematikan link tersebut.
    Kenapa tak guna mediafire saja?

  2. admin says:

    hato – logo2 tu diupload oleh YusDesign (http://yusdesign.blogspot.com).. from ‘school of logo’ (http://schooloflogo.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html)
    dah expired laa tu.. sila hubungi beliau.. tq.

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