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MyKad Smart Shopper

MyKad Smart Shopper (MSS) was designed to leverage Malaysian’s identification card (IC / MyKad), in promoting local retail industry. Any registered cardholders (members), or program members (affliates), can enjoy retail privileges at any participating merchant outlet by using their MyKad. The referral ecosystem is where all parties (merchants, affliates & consumers), will gain benefits from this program.

The objective of this program is to maximise the sales potential for Merchant and in return generate passive income for affliates for their referral efforts. There are business centres all around Malaysia to raise awareness, information and to promote this program nationwide. By leveraging on MyKad, Malaysian gained the access to the program’s benefits by using their own MyKad as long as they become a member of MyKad Smart Shopper.

MyKad Smart Shopper Offline

Members can enjoy retail privileges when they shop at MSS’ participating merchant outlets by verifying their registered MyKad during payment. Members may enjoy Cash Points and Reward Points from each program transaction as offered by the respective merchants, both offline and online. MSS is officially recognized as the 50th function of the MyKad.

MyKad Smart Shopper Online

MSS online is an online shopping platform under MyKad Smart Shopper which gives MSS members Cash Points and Reward Points when they shop at any of their favourite online stores listed on the website. To be able to enjoy the retail benefits, users must first register to become an MSS member and they have to go to the online stores via the MSS Online website.

MyKad Smart Shopper Apps

This is the app’s icon logo. You can get the mobile apps version in Play Store or App Store following your smartphone OS type.

Note: We are not an affiliate or promoting this program, we just sharing the vector logo, any info, please refer to the official MSS website.

Download Vector Logo


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