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Malaysian Society for Quality in Health – MSQH

Logo Malaysia Society for Quality in Health - MSQH

The Malaysian Society for Quality in Health – MSQH is a not for profit NGO established and registered in 1997 as the brain child of the Ministry of Health – MOH in partnership with the Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia – APHM) and Malaysian Medical Association – MMA. MSQH established with the vision of advocating, promoting, and supporting continuous quality improvements and safety in Malaysian healthcare arena. They was recognised nationally and internationally as the leading Malaysian organization which promotes and improves safety and quality in the provision of healthcare services in Malaysia.

Through active and smart partnerships with healthcare professionals, relevant facilities and agencies, and educational institutions involved in healthcare, MSQH has become the national voice in continuous quality improvement in healthcare facilities and services. In order to realise this vision, MSQH develops standards, plans and implements accreditation programmes, promotes safety and quality improvement in healthcare facilities, and organises opportunities for communication of ideas and exchange of experiences on current and best practices in health care. MSQH has also initiated the Patient for Patients Safety Movement to strengthen patients and family engagement in the delivery of healthcare services since 2014.

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