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Hari Sukan Negara 2017 (National Sports Day)

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Hari Sukan Negara (National Sports Day) has been declared on every Saturday of the second week of October each year. The National Sports Day celebration is an initiative by the Ministry of Youth and Sports where it is an active pro step in the process of transformation towards achieving the desire to make Malaysia a ‘Sports Country’ (Sporting Nation). This year the National Sports Day will be on 14th October 2017, Hari Sukan Negara 2017.

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Among the objectives of Hari Sukan Negara (National Sports Day) are:
• To adopt the culture of sport among the people.
• To foster a spirit of unity among the people
• Economic development of the country through the development of the sports industry.
• Improve sports knowledge among the people.
• To recognise Malaysians involved in the grassroots level of sports development activities.



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