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KUIPs – Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis

KUIPs – Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis is a unique educational institution based on fund development and generations of human resources through the concept of the Waqf Education Program (PWP) which is new in Malaysia. KUIPs was established on March 2013 offers distinctive and strategic programmes to produce students who are knowledgeable, ethical and trustworthy. The overflow of international students, which is in tandem with the globalization boom, supplies talents for local and international markets, and is among the reasons that supports the existence of KUIPs. KUIPs’ strategic location in theIndonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Golden Triangle (IMT-GT) also makes it an important key to success of the ASEAN agenda.

KUIPs’ curriculum is designed so that it is equivalent to an Islamic programme recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education. KUIPs will offer 14 programs of study within the first 5 years and 10 new courses in the next 5 years. Overall, KUIPs will offer 2 programmes at the foundation level, 4 diploma programmes, 18 degree programmes for undergraduate, and also masters and doctor of philosophy (PhD) programmes through 5 kulliyyahs:

  1. Centre for Foundation Studies
  2. Faculty of Islamic Sciences
  3. Faculty Of Muamalat And Entrepreneurship
  4. Faculty Of Hospitality And Management
  5. KUIPs Graduate Centre (KGC)




  1. nashar says:

    tq boss….moga team korang dimurahkan rezeki..alhamdulillah

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