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Gallery Bookstore

Gallery Bookstore

Gallery Bookstore was incorporated under the Company Act 1965 on 02nd of October 2015 as a private limited company. Gallery Bookstore has open its first branch in Masjid Tanah, Melaka on 26th of December 2015. Gallery Bookstore intends to open branches in every states in Malaysia and positions itself among the leading bookstore chain in the region.

Gallery Bookstore business covers products in the fields of education, leisure and information. This includes just about every category including fiction, non-fiction, business, finance, management, science, children’s, other types of books, stationeries and gifts. As merchandising is the key factor in retail operation, Gallery Bookstore will always ensure that our products on display is value for money and serve the needs of customers and the communities.

Careful attention is paid on the interior design, ambiance and merchandise display to ensure visits by our customer to the outlets is comfortable and rewarding. Gallery Bookstore is committed to gradually improve its customer service, its range of merchandise and layout of its store.


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