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Malaysian Paralympic Council

Logo Malaysian Paralympic Council

Malaysian Paralympic Council or Paralympic Council of Malaysia, (Majlis Paralimpik Malaysia)’s, mission is dedicated to implementing and maintaining its plans of “Sports For All” and “High Performance Sports” to benefit the quality of life for the disabled. The objective of Malaysian Paralympic Council are to; Organise and promote various sports events and recreation activities for the disabled throughout Malaysia; Develop awareness among disabled people that sports promote a healthy, active lifestyle and build self-esteem; Foster close relationships and mutual understanding between the disabled and the general community by extensively promoting disabled sporting events; Continue to develop the 20 Paralympic sports events, establishing the State Sports and Recreation Council for the Disabled (PESRON).

The Athletes of Malaysian Paralympic Council have been participate in many international games such as:

  • – Paralympic Games
  • – Asian Para Games
  • – ASEAN Para Games
  • – Stoke Mandeville World Wheelchair Games



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