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One XOX Sdn. Bhd. which was established in 2014, is a Bumiputera company and a subsidiary of XOX Bhd. One XOX has been operating as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) since 2005 and they exclusively bringing the ONEXOX brand to market the XOX products with mobile service plan that is unique and distinctive.

One XOX believe business model that is efficient, transparent and all efforts to comply with the demands of sharia to ensure service levels are very affordable, no ads are misleading and no hidden charges elements may interest among customers mobile services always find saving alternative. In addition to offering highly competitive services, XOX One who does not practice openly advertising has opened up business opportunities telecommunications ‘real’ affordable to all interested individuals by offering lucrative incentives and long-term concept of profit sharing company.

One XOX welcome all the customers who want more savings and entrepreneurs who are actively looking for opportunities to try out the service with no hidden charges transparent and exploit business platform offered.

ONEXOX offers flexible plans to meet users daily telecommunications needs. In addition to the usual competitive levels, they also offer more savings over low rates when the credit amounts in the Dedication Account is in use. Besides Dedicated Account there are Main Account to offers more flexible and savings, and also Internet Plan that offers up to 5GB for 30 days at RM108.. (5GB is not enough for me personally and RM108 quite expensive anyway).

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