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Perak FA – The Bos Gaurus

Perak FA The Bos Gaurus

The Perak Football Association – Perak FA, is a football association club that formed in 1951 and was firstly participated in the Malaya Cup (later HMS Malaya Cup, known today as the Malaysia Cup in 1921. They are the third most successful team in the Malaysia Cup competition with 7 wins and 11-second-place finishes. They won the last of their 7 titles in 2000 and were runners-up in the 2007 edition. In 2003, Perak FA became the first team in 13 years to achieve back-to-back league titles in Malaysian football.

Perak FA is the only team in Malaysia that has never been demoted to a lower division since the professional league was introduced in 1989. Perak FA calls the 42,500 seat Perak Stadium as its home ground, although it has played some matches at the 15,000-seat Lumut Stadium (inside the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) base in Lumut, Perak) whenever Perak Stadium has not been not available. The Perak FA’s home ground is also sometimes referred to by its nickname, Fair Park as Perak Stadium is located near Fair Park in Ipoh where the team’s office is situated.

Perak FA’s nickname is Seladang which is the Malay name for Gaur, a favourite tagline of its supporters is ‘Kejor Yeop Kejor’, which roughly translates to ‘Chase It, Brother, Chase’. The tagline was adopted by the team after the state government used it as their tagline for the 1996 Sukma Games. In 2007, Perak FA introduced a team song entitled, ‘Skor Yeop Skor’. In 11 January 2014, Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir has launch a new logo, Tagline ‘Kejor Yeop Skor’ and a new nickname for Perak that is ‘The Bos Gaurus’ which is a species of Indian Bison.

Download Vector Logo of Perak FA The Bos Gaurus


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