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PERDASAMA – Persatuan Pedagang & Pengusaha Melayu Malaysia


Malay Businessmen and Industrialist Association of Malaysia

Persatuan Pedagang dan Pengusaha Melayu Malaysia – PERDASAMA, (Malay Businessmen and Industrialists Association of Malaysia), was formally established under the Societies Act 1966 on December 1998, has a membership of 15,000 bumiputera companies with a total of 4,800 active members in 13 branches throughout the country. PERDASAMA is an association that focuses on the rights and interests of indigenous peoples and traders.

PERDASAMA always active to mobilize expertise among its members to engage seriously in all efforts to accelerate the transformation and bumiputera participation in the economy to bridge the gaps between indigenous and other groups.

Their successful was geared with the dedication and sincerity over their leaders which consisting of Malay entrepreneurs who are successful in their respective industries. Assisted by two main wings, Young PERDASAMA and Woman PERDASAMA, they’re now remain confident and relevant in realizing the direction of the struggle.

Among their focuses are developing entrepreneurship development programs with indigenous collaborates with various Ministries, Government Agencies, State Government, corporate and private parties, banks and financial institutions to raise the standard of professionalism of bumiputera entrepreneurs since its inception until now.

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