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Mustika Ratu

Logo Mustika Ratu

Mustika Ratu was established in 1975, started form the garage of its founder, Madam BRA. Mooryati Soedibyo’s residence. In 1978, the Company began to run its business commercially, namely by producing herbs distributed around Java – Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bandung and Medan in Acheh. In its development, the request of consumer was increasing, then in 1980’s the company began to develop various kinds of traditional cosmetics.

In 1981, the Company’s factory was operated officially in east of Jakarta. In order to strengthen capitalization structure as well as to implement its vision as Cosmetics and Natural Herb Company with the Best High Technology in Indonesia, the Company made initial public offering and recorded its shares in PT. Bursa Efek Jakarta in 1995.

Mustika Ratu products made from natural ingredients and manufactured with processes sensitive to the natural environment. Mustika Ratu’s jamu and traditional cosmetics are formulated with ingredients taken from nature. Indeed, most are based on recipes that originated in the Surakarta Hadiningrat royal palace and have been carefully handed down from one generation to the next. Yet these products are manufactured with modern equipment and techniques, meeting rigorous standards for quality and safety.

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