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Majlis Daerah Rompin

Logo Majlis Daerah Rompin

Majlis Daerah Rompin (MDR), Rompin District Council, was formed on 1 July 1988 through Pahang State Government Gazette with an administration area of 127.23 square km. Rompin District Council is one of the ‘Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT)’, Pahang’s Local Authority entrusted in with responsibilities in the areas of business control, enforcement, development control, tax and cleanliness.

On 1 November 2000, Lembaga Kemajuan Pahang Tenggara – LKPT (DARA) was dissolved. This resulted in the expansion of MDR’s area to 4,044.24 square km through gazette plan including an operations area of approximately 353.056 square km effective from 1 January 2002. With this gazette, the whole of Rompin District became under the administration of Rompin District Council. The expansion covers the whole of Rompin District except Tioman Island which was placed under the administration of Tioman Development Board. The total population, based on the year 2000 census is 101,877 people.

Among the functions of MDR are:

  1. Plan and Organize Development including Preparing Structural Plan
  2. Coordinate and Assist Town or New Town Development
  3. Improve Basic Amenities, Upgrading Village Standard and Encourage Viable Economic Activities
  4. Town Beautification with Attractive Landscape
  5. Monitor building, advertisement and sign board
  6. Provide health services, monitor food, food court cleanliness and disease monitoring
  7. Provide public facilities such as market, stall, sport complex, children playground and bus stop
  8. Licensing and monitor business, advertisement and hawkers
  9. Monitor solid waste disposal and town cleanliness
  10. Maintain drainage system and environment cleanliness
  11. Build and manage ditch and drain


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