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Yemenia – Yemen Airways

Yemenia - Yemen Airways

The history of Yemen Airways goes back to the second 40s. From 1949 until 1977, Yemen Airways had experienced moderate developments and different kinds of structural reforms, and owned by Ahmad bin Yahya, then King of Yemen. When the Yemen Arab Republic was proclaimed in 1962, Yemen Airlines was issued a new airline licence on 4 August of that year (which remains valid until today), thus becoming the flag carrier of the country, with its head office in the Ministry of Communication Building in Sana’a. In 1967, the airline entered a co-operation with United Arab Airlines, which lasted until 1972. During that period, it was known as Yemen Arab Airlines.

In July 1978 Yemen Airways took a big step forward and new Company, Yemenia – (Yemen Airways) was formed with 51% share by Yemen government and 49% by Saudi Arabia government. The formation of Yemenia had reflected an ideal international investment that is lasting until today. We can say that 1978 is considered as a landmark in the Aviation history of Yemen. It had witnessed the beginning of a new era in air travel services and progress.. yemenia.com

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