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SCORE + SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement

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SCORE stands for SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement was introduced as an assessment tool to measure the level of growths of enterprises. SCORE+ is a “scorecard and survey” all in one of ICT SME companies that will illuminate their competitiveness or lack off, in a systematic framework.

The benefits of SCORE includes:

• Addressing weaknesses of SMEs as more focused approach and provide integrated, hand-holding assistance to SMEs.
• Facilitating linkages of potential SMEs with large companies/ MNCs / retailers.
• Assisting SMEs in a better coordinated and structured form as SME CORP can concentrate on improving the capacity building of 3-Star companies and below, while the 4 and 5-Star companies can be groomed and launched into international market

The objective of SCORE are:
• To evaluate and track SME’s capabilities and performance in management, operation management, technology adoption, certification initiatives, financial capability and marketing capability.
• To facilitate the linkage of SMEs to large companies and identify suitable intervention to enhance the development of SMEs.
• To develop baseline data on SMEs to rate their current state and to monitor their progress through periodic surveillance.

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