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AlSaraya Al Mubaraka

Logo Alsaraya Almubaraka

Alsaraya Al Mubarakah  Company operates 5 hotels, with total rooms available more than 1,800 rooms in both hloy city, Makkah & Madinah. Alsaraya Al Mubaraka welcomes you to stay in one of their hotels in Makkah or Madinah to touch the pleasant hotel services which reflex the experience in hotels and resources. They have four hotels in Makkah with 4 stars class and one 5 star hotel in Madinah:

  1. Alsaraya: 250m away-Ajiyad Alsod St.
  2. Alsaraya Iman: 300m away-Ajiyad Alsod St.
  3. Alsaraya Thuraya: 350m away-Ajiyad AlMasafi St.
  4. AlSaraya Taqwa: 600m away-AlGazzah area
  5. AlSaraya Madinah: Only 50m away-Alsalam St.

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