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Persatuan Taekwon-Do Negeri Terengganu (GTF)

Logo Persatuan Taekwon-Do Negeri Terengganu

Previously known as Persekutuan Taekwon-Do Terengganu (PTT) or Terengganu Taekwon-Do Federation. Became member of Malaysian Taekwon-Do Federation under (Grandmaster) Low Koon Lim and Malaysian International Taekwon-Do Federation (MITF) under (Grandmaster) Sabree Salleh. In 1980’s this Association had become the largest taekwon-do state governing body covering important affiliates such as the Special Police Force and most of schools. In 1994, PTT Association with MITF and Terengganu Government successfully hosted the 9th World Taekwon-Do ITF Championship.

In 2000 it was registered with The Commissioner of Sports and PTT constitution was reenacted and changed its name to Persatuan Taekwon-Do Negeri Terengganu (GTF) or PTNT or Terengganu State Taekwon-Do Association (GTF). The words “GTF” was inserted due to shifting of parent body MITF to Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF) of Toronto in 1999. MITF then change its name to Malaysian Global Taekwon-Do Federation (MGTF).

website: www.tkd-trg.com

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