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Lembaga Muzium Negeri Pulau Pinang

Logo Lembaga Muzium Negeri Pulau Pinang

Lembaga Muzium Negeri Pulau Pinang, (Penang State Museum Board)’s chronology began in 1816 as a building donated by the East India Company, to be used as an education center. The Penang Free School that was established in 1816 moved into this building in 1821. Later it was occupied by the Hutching School in 1928. In the Second World War, the building suffered bombings by Japan army and Allied forces and the entire east wing was razed. It was set for being demolished in 1961 as the State Government planned to build a new school but the plan changed after the first Malaysian Prime Minister (Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj), suggested the building be turned into a museum instead. Then the Penang State Museum and Art Gallery was established in 1964 and it was officially opened on 14th April 1965 by the first Governor of Penang.


Download Vector Logo of Lembaga Muzium Negeri P. Pinang

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