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Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) new logo

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is undertaking new strategies to woo more investors, to fast track the nation towards high-income status in line with the Economic Transformation Programme.

As a symbolic effort signaling the new direction,  MIDA launched the new logo – the bold, block letters of MIDA represent the integrity and professionalism of the organisation.

The colour grey suggests neutrality and reliability, whilst the new cutting-edge, dynamic and pioneering force of MIDA is represented in the eye-catching, strong red motif that resembles an arrow moving forward.


MIDA new logo embodies the investment promotion agency’s new strategic direction.

Our new vision and mission is to be the best partner to investors distinguished by the integrity and professionalism of its people and to ensure Malaysia achieves its goal in economic transformation and its aspiration of a developed nation by 2020.


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