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e-Kehakiman is the e-Filing cases online via internet, an initiative of the Malaysian Judiciary and has been designed to serve as a one-stop portal for the legal community to gain access to all its needs ranging from registration of cases, filing of case documents, retrieval of service document right down to searching of case files and information including case schedules.

Website: efiling.kehakiman.gov.my

Download Vector Logo of e-Kehakiman


  1. azhari says:

    boleh dapatkan vector calendar 2014 dan 2015

    • admin says:

      2015..? ambOi berpandangan jauhh ; )
      search dlm net bnyk ada.. tggl nak masukkan cuti jer..
      tp m’sia punye cuti 2014 – 2015 blom kluar lg..

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