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Johor Port


Johor Port is located at Pasir Gudang in the southeast of Johor in Peninsular Malaysia. Built by the Johor Port Authority and run by Johor Port Berhad in 1977, it is the first port in Johor and is designed as a multi-purpose port that caters to practically all types of cargo. It is the first port in Malaysia to be located within a free trade zone. Johor Port’s warehouses are exempted from customs duties. Duty is only payable when the cargo is released from the warehouse area for local consumption. In January 1993, Johor Port Sdn Bhd, a fully government-owned company, took over all port facilities and services from Johor Port Authority which was established in 1973. The port was fully privatised in August 1995 to Seaport Terminal (Johor) Sdn. Bhd. which became the holding company of Johor Port Berhad. Johor Port Berhad is wholly owned by MMC Corp Bhd.



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