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Takaful Ehsan


ING PUBLIC Takaful Ehsan Berhad (Takaful Ehsan) was formed through the
strategic alliance between ING Management Holdings (Malaysia) Sendirian Berhad
(ING), Public Bank Berhad (PBB) and Public Islamic Bank Berhad (PIBB), a wholly-
owned subsidiary of PBB. ING, PBB and PIBB have an equity participation of 60%,
20% and 20% respectively in the company.

Incorporated on 11 March 2011, Takaful Ehsan will leverage on ING and PBB
Group’s leadership positions and established infrastructure in the banking and
insurance industries to drive growth and increase Family Takaful penetration both in
the domestic market and in Asia. The company will capitalise on the strengths of its
shareholders by focusing on marketing its products using the bancatakaful and
agency distribution channels.

Takaful Ehsan will also leverage on ING Insurance’s market leadership position in
providing competitive Employee Benefits products. Takaful Ehsan will develop a full
suite of custom-made products to cater to various customers’ needs as they move
into the different stages of their life cycles.

Takaful Ehsan derives its name from its guiding philosophy.
It is a word which means doing and showing goodness to benefit others.
Ehsan also reflects the commitment by the two renowned financial services brands to
offer excellent Family Takaful products and services to all Malaysian.

The company’s brand promise of ‘Teman Sepanjang Hayat’ is a reflection of its
commitment to establish long-lasting relationships with its customers by providing
them with excellent product solutions and uncompromising services to meet their
financial needs throughout all their life stages



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