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Skills Malaysia

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SkillsMalaysia is a rebranding exercise for a national awareness campaign which epitomises innovative skills training denoting the outreach to excellent and distinguished achievements as a result of a unified national aspiration with skills training embodied in its mission.

The objective of SkillsMalaysia is to create awareness of the opportunities in skills training and job related to TEVT that can contribute towards developing a high-income nation and in making skills training the first choice for school leavers.

SkilllsMalaysia was established to consolidate the capability and focus os DSD as an organization that formulates, promotes and coordinates skills training in Malaysia. It was established after studying and adapting the best practices of developed countries such as Germany, Japan, Australia and other European nations.

The organization of SkillsMalaysia by DSD also was to ensure that all stages of execution of the skills competition is systematically coordinated from the planning to the implementation stage. SkillsMalaysia also being as the starter phase to expose the participants to Asean Skills Competition and to the World Skills Competiton.


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