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The name Bata became know in then Malaya when the first store opened in the Capitol Building, Singapore in 1930. In July same year, Tomas Bata had established Bata Shoe Company Limited to carry on the business as manufacturers, distributors and marketers of footwear, as well as dealers in leather and rubber goods. Five years later, a factory was built in Klang, Selangor to produce PVC injected footwear for both domestic and overseas markets.

The Bata brand in Malaysia has come a long way. What used to be a household name for school shoes with the tagline “first to Bata then to School”, has gone on to serve different segments of the market, with other brands such as Marie Claire, Comfit, Power, Bubblegummers, North Star and B-First.

Today, Bata is the leading footwear manufacturer and marketer in Malaysia and operates the a retail chain with more than 220 stores. Bata has 2 different retail concepts, namely Bata City Stores and Bata Family Stores. Each retail concept differentiates itself in its range of merchandise. In addition to retail, Bata also operates wholesale depots to service an independent dealer network totaling 1,500 outlets.

website: http://www.bata.com.my


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