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Selangor State Investment Centre (SSiC)


SSIC Berhad was incorporated by the Selangor State Government on April 22, 1999. Its core function is to act as a one-stop-center for investors to provide information and assistance on matters relating to investment.

Prior to SSIC’s establishment, investment activities in the state was managed by the Foreign Investment Taskforce Committee, which was formed in 1986 and placed under the State Economic Planning Unit.

In 1992, the committee was upgraded to be a department known as the Selangor State Investment Centre (SSIC) and placed under the management of Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad (PNSB).

To expand its capabilities, SSIC was then corporatised and SSIC Berhad was born. The establishment of SSIC Berhad was in line with the State Government’s vision to have a specific egency dealing with investment related matters.

Website: www.ssic.com.my

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