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Yayasan Seni Berdaftar (YSB)

Yayasan Seni Berdaftar

Yayasan Seni Berdaftar (YSB) was founded in 1983 by YABhg Toh Puan Mahani Idris Daim. YSB’s main objective is to preserve the arts and culture of our Malaysian heritage. YSB features arts performance, shows & gallery, traditional arts activities such as porcelain, canvas & batik painting, art’s and musical classes as well.

YSB is open to public, if you wanna enjoy their programmes, joining activities or taking musical classes or simply having a cup of special coffee at a small cafe, the Artisan Roast after work. Currently YSB is organising ‘Unplugged Live‘ every Saturday, 8pm – 11pm at: Yayasan Seni Berdaftar, 333 Persiaran Ritchie Off Jalan Ritchie, Ampang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Download Vector Logo of Yayasan Seni Berdaftar

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    penah pegi sini.. nice place 😉

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