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Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia – MET Malaysia

Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia, (Malaysian Meteorological Department) MET Malaysia is a department under the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI). Among their functions are:

  • Maintain a technically-advanced observation station network to support monitoring of weather conditions and seismic activities in the country.
  • Issue timely meteorological information and forecasts for civil and military aviation, marine activities and general public.
  • Provide early warnings on the occurrences of adverse weather phenomena and dangerous sea conditions in the Malaysian region to the public and relevant agencies involved in disaster mitigation.
  • Provide immediate information on earthquake events that affect the country to the public, media and relevant government agencies involved in disaster mitigation.
  • Provide seismological information to civil engineering and construction industries.
  • Compile quality climatological, atmospheric composition and seismological data and prepare climatological statistics.
  • Provide climatological services to users in all sectors of the economy upon request.
  • Monitor atmospheric composition in Malaysia and provide information and technical advice on the meteorological aspects of air pollution.
  • Conduct cloud seeding operations to increase water resources for agriculture and other purposes.
  • Participation in international programmes on research, data collection and exchange, and other related activities in meteorology.Publish meteorological reports and bulletins.
  • Provide training in meteorology.
  • Promote public awareness on the importance and usefulness of meteorological and seismological information.
  • Promote advancement of meteorological and seismological sciences through research.

Website: www.met.gov.my




  1. Riena says:

    Sila bekalkan salinan laporan cuaca bulan September, 2011, Oktober, 2011, November, 2011 dan Disember, 2011

  2. Azizi says:

    Sekitar jam 4.45pm 11 april 2012 tadi ada sedikit gempa di sekitar Butterworth.Harap Maklum.

  3. Fizz says:

    Butterworth ke? Smp ke petaling jaya rase gegaran. nk try check dlm website jbtn meteorologi, tp xdpt masuk la..

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