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Persada Johor

The History of The Persada Johor International Convention Centre’s design concepts was adopted to reflect historical elements of Johor as well as modern features with dominant qualities such as strength, integrity and functionality. Developed and owned by Johor Corporation, The Persada Johor International Convention Centre is situated in the very heart of Johor Bahru, the capital of Johor. The site on which it stands was the former Johor Military force camp, and it was also the site of early remnants of Johor Bahru city.

The Meaning of “Persada” is a word derived from the Malay language which means a place that has layers or steps for a member of the royalty to sit and conduct official matters; a stage where a contest is conducted; a garden for pleasure or to rest. The centre will be hosting various trade and consumer shows, meeting, banquets, weddings and other special events.

Website: www.persadajohor.com

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