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Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL)

The Kuala Lumpur Hospital or commonly known as HKL (Hospital Kuala Lumpur), has 49 different departments and units. These include the administration & finance department, the pharmaceutical department, training and research, 27 clinical departments and 12 clinical support services. Hospital Kuala Lumpur is now the largest hospital under the Ministry of health of Malaysia and is considered to be one of the biggest in Asia. It is a government tertiary referral hospital, located on 150 acres of prime land with 83 wards and 2302 beds. HKL has a huge staff of 7 000 workers with almost 100 professions in various fields and disciplines. Out of the total number of staff, there are about 200 consultants and specialists, 500 medical officers and registrars, 10 matrons, 100 sisters (ward managers), 1,600 registered nurses, 750 trained assistant nurses, and 40 trained mid-wives. The remaining staff are pharmacists, tutors, assistant pharmacists, medical assistants, administrative personnel and hospital attendants.

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