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Failaka Advisors

Failaka Advisors was founded by Tariq Sayed Jamal Al-Rifai in 1996, it was the first research and advisory firm to monitor advances in the field of Islamic investment funds. Believing that investors needed increased disclosure and better reporting on this fast-growing sector, Failaka began maintaining a comprehensive record of equity and balanced funds, and presently keeps up-to-date, objective, and reliable data on the sector.

Presently, Failaka hosts the annual Failaka Islamic Fund Awards each spring in Dubai, recognizing the best performing funds, fund family, and managers. Failaka’s awards event brings together the Islamic-focused investment community and the financial institutions and fund manager who create products for the industry.

Additionally, Failaka is now working on the 2nd edition of its famous Shariah Report, a comprehensive guide to over 250 Shariah scholars and their boards.

Website: www.failaka.com

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