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Jabatan Kimia Malaysia

Jabatan Kimia Malaysia (Dept. of Chemistry Malaysia) includes; Forensic, Environmental Health, Research and Quality Assurance, Industry and Trade Tariff Classification.

The Forensic Division of Kimia Malaysia, a nationally recognized leader in the forensic science community, provides independent and impartial forensic science services to both government agencies and to the private sector. These services include: Narcotics  Section, Toxicology Section, Serology / DNA Section, Criminalistics Section, Questioned Document Examination Section.

The Environmental Health Division provides scientific services for the safeguarding of public health in terms of food and drinking water safety as well as for the protection and conservation of the environment. The work is carried out by the 4 sections of the Division, namely: Environment, Food, Water, Biotechnology.

The Research and Quality Assurance Division is responsible for: Undertaking Research, Planning and coordinating all laboratory Quality Assurance and Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2000.

The Industry and Trade Tariff Classification function to give away analysis and advice service for: Primary Product and Material, Industrial products and Chemical Substance.

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