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International Lending Group

ILG are Transactional Loan Specialists who offer a range of flexible loan products designed to help you to reduce your debts and maximize your income, giving you more FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Everyone’s got great interest rates, but ILG’s Lifestyle Loans enable you to really save Interest, helping you on the path to a better lifestyle and FINANCIAL FREEDOMa lot sooner.



  1. Dear Sir,
    We can supply information of project, interpreter and car, take client to research Bangladesh market, set up appointments for client
    Our Bangladesh is a developing country with political stability, especially after enter the WTO, Bangladesh is known as a emerging business tiger. With policies of expand trade, attract direct investment. Bangladesh has rapidly been developing in recent years. Infrastructure is gradually improved.
    It’s appropriate and promising, ìf you would like to invest for building in apartment blocks, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, factory. More ever, Bangladesh is a peaceful region weather especially we have many natural tourist. So you can think of the investment for ecotourism area.
    If you are really interested in these areas. If you would like to rent land to build in 50 years. We can help you contact and supply information for you.

    PactWorld Consultants Ltd. is in possession a lot of good business projects for foreign investors. Forms of investing may be various ones, like: loans and other kind of financing, venture capital, joint venture, cooperation etc. The value of these projects is up of USD 10 Billion and more. All of these projects have been audited by our company as profitable ones and ready to start. For all of them were drawn up Executive Summaries of Project in English We are ready to present the outlines of these projects to any Investors, who will express such an interest. The company is a provider of many accompanying services like: forming new companies for foreigners in Bangladesh, South Asia, Africa, Poland and Belarus, consulting in investments and management.

    At this perspectives we are looking your Agent ship or the partnerships


    Kazi Abu Sayeed
    Managing Director
    PactWorld Consultants Ltd.
    House # 504, Road # 9, Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh

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