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SATA Tools

PNT Marketing is a subsidiary to PNT Mechanics which was incorporated in Malaysia in 1999. In 2000 PNT Marketing was officiated specifically as a wholesaler in SATA tools and equipment who are known as the leader in professional and automotive industry experts , worldwide.

Since the initial formation of the company, PNT Marketing has geared the company and its staff have been providing innovative, reliable and best possible services at all times, to transform our client’s needs and requirements into cost effective solutions without the sacrifice of technology or quality and to maintain SATA as the leader in its engineering and tool business.

By vistue of the owner’s capability, K. Pathmanathan who has won several international awards from Honda Motor Co. Ltd. contest such as Honda Top Technician Award in 1990, first place in Honda Practical and Theory Technician Contest in 1993 and Silver Award of Technical Excellence in Asia and Oceania Contest 1994, makes it a credit to the company’s marketing objectives and providing support services.

More info www.pntmarketing.com.my

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