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Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Johor

The first Malay school was built in 1840 that Sekolah Melayu Kg.Gelam (Malay School Kg. Gelam) and Teluk Belanga (1846) on the high interest shown by His Majesty-Temenggong Ibrahim (1825) and Temenggong Abu Bakar (1862). DYMM Temenggong Abu Bakar who learned Kaesbearry English missionaries have been working on Malay & English school – in order in his letter on the 9th March 1885 the Governor of the Straits, followed by the enactment on the 1st. Persekolah June 1902 for children 7 years old.

‘Johor Free School’ was founded by Maharaja Abu Bakar in 1864 in which both the Malay & English under one roof. ‘English School Johor Bahru’ current recorded in 1883. Later ‘English School Muar’ (1912), ‘Johor Agriculture School’ (1885) and ‘Johor Technical School’ (1895).

From the root ‘Singapore & Straits Director’ (SSD) 1883 Johore Education Department has been in existence under the auspices of Dato ‘Ibrahim Munsyi (Dato’ Bentara In) to manage five schools (1883, 1885 & 1887). YAM Ungku Mohd. Khalid (1901), Dato’ Mohamed Mahbob (1913) with JR Thomson (1918) in which the structure of the District of Muar, Johore Bahru and Batu Pahat has been established. The office of Inspector of Malay Schools was established on 21 December 1928 in Muar.

From the year 1887-1913 General Education Committee called ‘President’ in which Dato’ Ibrahim Munshi was the first. ‘Superintendent of School’ (1885-1984) used to replace the ‘Secretary of Education Dept’. held by Khalid Bin Abdullah. Hj. Ismail Bin Hj. Solomon in the year 1916-1926 at the exchange office to the ‘Officers in charge of Malay School’. H.A.R. Cheesemen start position as ‘Superintendent of Education’ in 1928. After he was so in 1953 the position held by 14 people. ‘Chief Education Officer’ From F.T. Laidlaw, until 1964 with 6 people disabled, based in Mount deputy. Chief Education Officer beginning in 1964 based in Jalan Nong Chik by Mr Tan Teik Beng followed by six disabled people. The first Director of Johore Education Department in 1971 was Mr. Ahmad Bin Haji Salleh, who is based in Jalan Larkin, Johor Bahru. by google translate


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    To whom it may concern,

    Hi, may i know the contact number of Jabatan Pelajaran Johor near the place Larkin that one.

    Thanks .

  2. jas yau says:

    hi,how i get the jabatan palajaran negeri johor logo format?^^

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