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Kajang SILK


SILK Holdings Bhd (SILK) started as SILK Concessionaire Holdings Sdn Bhd on 14 October 1996. It owns and operates a 37 kilometer highway (216 lane kilometers) known as Kajang SILK Highway or Kajang Traffic Dispersal Ring Road (the Highway). The Highway is connected to PLUS and SKVE to the west, BESRAYA and GRAND SAGA to the north and LEKAS to the south. With the full completion of LEKAS expected in mid 2010, the Highway will also provide linkage to Seremban and the south. Future linkages include connections to the expanded SKVE and KLORR which is expected to generate additional traffic volume. This asset is at present, held through its wholly owned subsidiary Sistem Lingkaran Lebuhraya Kajang Sdn Bhd (KAJANG-SILK), which holds the concession for a period of 36 years until 2037.

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