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MOMO began in the 1960’s; its history is an example of the creative, imaginative entrepreneurship that has allowed small Italian businesses to expand and conquer international markets. It all began with a passion for motor racing. One day Giampiero Moretti, university student and gentleman driver, had a friend of his who made a very special steering-wheel for Giampiero racing car. It was smaller than the normal ones used, but what was most original about it was the handgrip, a very large handgrip that gave a much better grip, making the car easier to handle and to drive. This odd steering-wheel attracted the attention of many racing drivers, among them John Surtees of Ferrari. The English driver tried it, was enthusiastic and had it mounted on his single-seat Formula One car.

We provide the finest Italian style, a long tradition quality, our racing experience, the technological innovation in respect for the environment, to whom desiring something unique.

“We turn cars, from simple tools, into a way of life”

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