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Sen Q

Established in 1989, Senheng® has today achieved enormous success in becoming the largest electrical chain store in Malaysia. Currently, there are 60 Senheng® outlets and 18 senQ® outlets nationwide – with plans to further expand the company throughout South East Asia. [senQ® is the other brand name under Senheng® Electric (KL) SDN BHD].

Senheng® offers lucrative customer rewards through our PlusOne® cards and our initiatives has reaped approximately 500,000 PlusOne members to date. We also recently launched the RHB PlusOne® credit card in April 2006 that offers 2% PlusOne® Ringgit for all purchases. Customers can redeem various electrical goods using the PlusOne® Ringgit at all our branches.

In an effort to continually increase customer satisfaction, we are upgrading our senQ® Corporate Identity System (CIS) on 19th February 2007.

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