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Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian gold

Royal Jordanian red

Royal Jordanian was inspired by His Majesty King Hussein in 1963, located in the heart of the capital, Amman, and its flights are operated from Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA). Its modern fleet covers a network of 58 destinations on four continents.

The airline owns Royal Wings, a Royal Jordanian subsidiary company dedicated to charter business, operating from Amman Civil Airport in Marka. It also owns 20% of Jordan Airline Training and Simulation Limited (JATS), 20% of Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited (JorAMCo), 20% of Alpha (the flight catering services company) and 6% of the Royal Jordanian Air Academy.. source

Download Vector Logo of Royal Jordanian

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  1. malik says:

    boleh saya dapat kan logo kelab kilat TNB

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