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Jabatan Taman Laut

Jabatan Taman Laut Malaysia – Department of Marine Park Malaysia

The Marine Parks in Malaysia are of world class status and has drawn many tourists to the depth of the marine life. Malaysia’s first protected marine park, the Terengganu Marine Park, located north of Kuala Terengganu is an archipelago that contains nine islands.

The Logo

Dark Blue Circle :
Symbolizes unity among Department of Marine Park Malaysia staffs in efforts of conserving the country’s maritime resources.

Baby Blue Circle :
Sea that is pristine and preserve that is the key role of the department. It is surrounded by the Blue Circle, which reflects that it is in the care of Department of Marine Park Malaysia.

White Wave :
One wave represents the department’s direction and the other represents the country’s development. Both shall move in consistence to promise a glorious future. White color symbolizes purity and transparency within the department and the country in protecting our marine resources.

More info www.dmpm.nre.gov.my

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