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Established in 1981, they now have over 350 outlets serving Fried Chicken, Burgers, Seafood, Rice Base Products, Noodles, Porridge, Finger Foods, Desserts and Beverages. The company is actively negotiating with several parties interested in becoming master franchisees in South-east Asian region, Middle-east and Africa.

According to Liew, the company has laid a five-year program starting from this year to open franchised outlets in these places. Sealing the contract for the master franchisee was not just a matter of getting funds from the franchisee but also included help finding the right location, recruiting frontline staff, logistics, lining up the menu and investigating the existing players in the market.

The founders of Marrybrown went onto say that whenever they were on business trips overseas they would patronize as many fast food joints as they could, in order to see what other players were offering to their customers in terms of pricing and serving portions, and tailor their own offerings accordingly. Marinating ingredients for their succulent chicken as well as sauces for all the outlets are manufactured in Malaysia to standardize the taste everywhere. However, the company is quite flexible when it comes to introducing other menu items popular with locals of the respective countries – thus an outlet in Dubai or Doha may have different offerings than one in India or Malaysia.

For instance, the outlets in UAE or Qatar served chicken satay as the dish was similar to kebab. They also serve loose rice in Arab countries, rather than the sticky rice popular in Southeast Asia. The company’s first Middle East outlet was set up in Dubai 2001. Marrybrown has continued expanding into Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran and Syria.

Marrybrown has set foot in the East African country of Tanzania. Currently Marrybrown is also present in Azerbaijan.

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more information at www.marrybrown.com.my
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