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Vectorise Logo

You probably notice that this site name was changed as shown at the top page and the url link shown at your browser address bar, do you..? And the platform for Vectorism previously on free blog hosting, from Blogger (thanks to the user friendly Google Blogspot) to our new self hosted WordPress. Our name changed, from Vectorism to Vectorise. Only the last letter changed – ‘m’ to ‘e’.  Starting today all links to vectorism.blogspot.com from anywhere will be redirect here.. thanks to Rahul for the easy plugin migration & redirection..

So why change..?

  1. Well I’m not managed to get Vectorism as the top level domain name to be used.. end up getting Vectorise.net as our new domain.
  2. We plan to expand, to grow up together with the community, sharing new things perhaps.. so after surfing around I think this new name Vectorise gonna be the main identity, and Vectorise Logo (this vector logo site) as the subsidiary of Vectorise brand.
  3. We plan to create another site / blog with another purpose under this main Vectorise brand later on.
  • Vectorisevectorise.net (main – under construction)
    • Vectorise Logovectorise.net/logo (this blog – you are here)
    • Vectorise NewSite2 – vectorise.net/newsite2 (future)
    • Vectorise New Site3 – vectorise.net/newsite3 (another future plan)

So this is consider a rebranding of Vectorism to Vectorise for the next level.. and I’m inviting you all who were be our loyal visitors, new visitors as well, subscribers, contributors, to keep connected to us, continue to share & contributes, give ideas, anything related to arts, design, vector logo of course, etc..  I’m thinking a Contest for our New Logo – Vectorise, gonna be a good start 😉 what do you say..?

p/s: In conjunction with mother’s day, I dedicated this new Vectorise Logo site to my mum.


  1. mucrackers says:

    congrats for the migration.
    wordpress is wayyyy much better! hehe.
    the contest is a good idea actually…let there be a grand prize or something attractive enough for the people to contest on.

    beside the logo alone, it would be great if there is a motto or slogan for the new vectorise 😀

  2. wow. love the new look. way to go!

  3. vectorism says:

    thanks mucrackers.. slogan, a good idea.. yeaa..
    thanks adlan.. just learnin’ & need more input, please advice.. tq..

    eh guys.. i need to re-register u all for the author’s access rite?

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