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The Sun

The Sun, recently was rebranded as theSun is Malaysia’s first national free daily newspaper in tabloid form available from Mondays to Fridays except on public holiday, with a target audience of the white collar working community and the urban young.
Published by Sun Media Corporation Sdn Bhd, which is part of the Berjaya Media Berhad (formerly known as Nexnews Berhad). Launched on June 1, 1993, it stopped publication on June 30, 1994 for a revamp, and the publication resumes a month later. It became a free newspaper in 2002.

Download vector logo of The Sun

website www.sun2surf.com
submitted by Muck Cracker


  1. hey, you get this logo from BRANDS OF THE WORLD.COM and yet the original author wasn’t the one who get credited for that? this Muck Cracker downloaded it from that site and post it here? people created this logo with blood and sweats. somemore the fonts wasn’t for free. yet, this happened/

  2. Mucrackers says:

    before you shouting with no proper intention here, go read the copyright section on this blog.


    i did not however claim that this logo was created by me. have i? are u blind or just plain …… (go figure) did u see any text or word for god’s sake telling that this logo of the sun WAS CREATED by muck cracker and uploaded to vectorise. i submit this logo to vectorise to share it with everyone. and i don’t in the first place tell admin that this logo is created by me. and i’m so hungry and greedy for honor that you must put my name for this logo.

    for your information kid, the purpose of this blog is to SHARE. if u got any logo u are free to share it. but it still remain intact and in knowledge that that mean if u think u can make ur own logo vector. u are a show. what the…i’ve met many kids like you who somehow think u are the most ethical men bla bla bla whatever. If u don’t like the vector logo posted here then go away. Go to some site which stated THIS LOGO IS CREATED BY DANIEL.J.K.Lim. Have fun downloading.

    p/s: sorry admin if i overway with this kid. this KIND of genius people lah yg cakap banyak habuk tarak.

  3. asrie says:

    hahaha..agree with you Mucrackers…tak kisah pon klw tak bagi share logo…ramai lagi boleh trace logo dan beri kerjasama…XD

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