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China Press

China Press (Chinese : 中國報 Zhong Guo Bao in Mandarin) is a Malaysian Chinese-language newspaper set up by Tun Henry Lee Hau Shik (H. S. Lee) and first published on 1 February 1946.
China Press relaunched in 1986, and by 1988, its daily circulation had increased from 20,000 to 100,000, making it the fastest-growing paper in the Malaysian Newspaper industry. Today its daily circulation of 220,000 makes it the second best selling Chinese Daily Newspaper in Malaysia.
Due to its popularity in Malaysia, China Press launched their evening version on 19 May 1990 with the mission statement of Today News Tonight Know.

Download vector logo of China Press

website www.chinapress.com.my

submitted by Muck Cracker


  1. this logo also was created and posted on BRANDS OF THE WORLD. Kalau Muck Cracker tu pandai sangat, kenapa tak nak buat sendiri? Guna logo orang yang buat tapi orang yang buat logo tak dapat apa-apa, malahan logo yang dia buat dijadikan bahan orang lain pula

  2. Mucrackers says:

    before you shouting with no proper intention here kid, go read the copyright section on this blog.


  3. Daniel J. K. Lim says:

    why i can’t claim since i was the one created it. when you download from that site, same copyright rules applied that is cannot republish in any site.

  4. admin says:

    hi guys rilex ; )
    what can i say.. Daniel J. K. Lim – since u claim the logo was created by u.. i think i should give some option here..
    1. should i edit the post & credits u as the author, or
    2. should i remove the logo, or
    3. remain it like that since China Press (& TheSun) owns the copyright, or i dont know, u tell..

    Muckrakers – keep on contributes to the community.. small kindness may give big impact for others.. especially for the one who needs..
    if im not mistaken, u works in press media industry.. and i believe u got a lots of logo collections there.. keeps on sharing 😉

    • designers who normally deal with corporate logo for certain design jobs never asked ‘who create/ draw/ author of the logo, so i never asked any contributors to look for the real creator/ illustrator/ author for those logos submitted..

    • i also share some logo with brand of the world when i see some one is asking for it in the forum, and at the same time put my link back here..

    • sometimes i feel nice to see my vector logo (created by me), used in others sites, billboards, even on tv.. and no they don’t credits to this site

    • the main purpose we trying to do is to share 😉

  5. Daniel J. K. Lim says:

    glad to hear from u mr. admin. nt that i dun wanna share or what. tau la saya cuma setakat freelancer bkn mcm pro. saya pun terkilan apbl ternampak logo ini kat sini. lagipun mmg copyright bkn saya punya. tp cuma rasa tidak senang mmg ada la. saya pun mahu jd author disini tp saya tidak dpt register. saya cuma nak ambil kisah knp tersampai disini, bkn cari gaduh dgn org tua2 kat sini. maaf kalau tersinggung. kpd cracker dan jg admin.

  6. Wong says:

    Most of the time we see logos everywhere but do one see logos in 3 dimensional (3D Logos Solid Colour) Go to Friendster and type wong yat seng to see all logos in 3D. Look at the categories Do comment

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