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Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, LTSAAS (formerly Subang International Airport), often called Subang Airport and known as Skypark Subang, is an airport located in Subang, Malaysia, and primarily serves general aviation and some turboprop domestic flights. Although plans existed to convert the airport into a low-cost carrier hub, the change was opposed by Subang Jaya residents. Before the 1998 opening of the KL International Airport in Sepang, the (then) Subang International Airport served as Kuala Lumpur’s main airport. Subang Airport is currently the hub for Berjaya Air and Firefly commercial turboprop services.Transmile Air Services are the only other non-passenger non turbo prop aircraft landing and utilising Subang Airport Terminal 2. While heavily opposed by Ara Damansara residents of the noise of the jet engines, Transmile still operates out of SZB servicing DHL and other local hubs.

Download vectorism of Skypark

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  1. fqemo says:

    semua logo yg aku post, korang boleh download tak..? risau gak kalau2 tak boleh download sebab aku guna hosting yang ntahapeape.. aku tak expert sgt pasal web hosting ni..

  2. vectorism says:

    ..kalo takde komen tu makne nyer boleh laa tuu ; )
    keep it up bro (bnyk pahala ni)

  3. zul says:

    xleh download.. server web tu prob kot.. bleh upload blik x?

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